Graces, #34

There haven't been very many days like the picture above: blue open skies and sun, playgrounds, days when we could be out of doors all day long if we liked. Which is what we want most to do right now. It has been the darkest, wettest, coldest spring I can remember in years and years. Even for this part of the world. So first and foremost I am grateful for yesterday. There was sun. The flowers that have survived pushed open a little more. There were hours to spend doing nothing but running up and down our street, yelling for the freedom of no longer being shut inside complaining about having to put a sweatshirt on in June. Of course we woke today to rain streaming down our street in cold, grey-brown river. But that brings me to the next grace...

On even the darkest and coldest May and June days there is this light that happens toward evening in the downstairs rooms. It begins slowly, the room within darkening just so and the outside world beginning to softly glow, till you can blink and suddenly it appears that our whole house is floating atop and within a rainforest sea. White-barked birches with leaves like a hundred twinkling earrings and peely-papered eucalyptus, towering black fir and symmetry of maples. All bent and joined around us as the pearly sky, fluorescent jade grass and glistening street shimmer in twinkle of streetlights and houselights, car lights and bicycles. Absolutely breathtaking.

Today we celebrate the 3rd birthday of one of our friends, who happens to also be our neighbor. Adeleine takes great pleasure in getting dressed any time of the day, but especially loves to dress for a party. I can't wait to see what she picks out. Her current favorite look is a pair of Pea's panties worn over the top of a pair of leggings, a bright dress, necklaces, a winter hat, shiny or bright shoes. So different from me, this one.

Adeleine and I got to have a date day yesterday. She is absolutely delightful to be around and everyone who meets her says so. Is that bragging? Keep in mind that this is also the kid who frequently keeps me up all night. Still. So it's nice to have a public record that it hasn't been all bad.

Here we are, about to go have lunch, bunny crackers in hand.

Have lovely weeks, friends.


Erin said...

Beautiful! I should be more grateful.

I love that photo of the two of you - your eyes are amazing, and so alike. Lovely.

jaycosnett said...